Soar high in the sky, a new style action RPG "Sword of Rapier is finally out!
Splendid graphics thanks to high performance from smartphone!
MFi Controller Compatible on iOS!
Take full control and soar high everywhere in the sky, experience the most exciting "Sword of Rapier" now!

Applying Chase is possible by approaching the launched enemies instantly. You may use Chase again while launching the enemies in the sky!
Soar high in the sky and use the combo!

Strike the enemies high onto the ground.
Increase damage on the enemies according the jump height and the combo count!
Trophy and Exp value will be awarded as bonus by killing the enemies with Thrust!
Gather the enemies together and beat them all!

Fend off the enemies and null damage is applied by guarding yourself immediately.
It is also possible to defeat enemies and hit the bullets back.
Parry the attack brilliantly and start the counterattack!

Spend the gained SP from attacking and parrying, this enables you different kind of skills.
Use combos in the sky is possible.
Bring the combos together is also very important.
Squezze all your SP out by bringing them together and maximize damage with Thrust after using the combos!
Improving your skills would allow you acquire more powerful skills, hence more powerful combos!

Launch the enemies by shooting up ice pillars.
Keep launching the enemies in the sky is also possible!

Launch the enemies by dropping thunders on top of the enemies.
It is chance to use combos when the enemies are being launched!

Open the doors in outerspace, attract the enemies nearby and keep on attacking them.
Perform further attack on trapped enemies at the centre!

Light balls rotate around the enemies and explode after a short time.
The enemies can be launched and exploded again with precise timing, even they fall down after the combos!

Huge enemies will attack without the fear of rapier's attack and your skills.
The attack would become more vigourous when they got angry.
But there must be weaknesses in between.
Don't miss the chance launching them into the sky and using your combos!