Update "Sword of Rapier" ver 1.03 PlayStation Mobile (07.01.2015)

- Boss Rush is free.

- Fixed some bugs.

Update "Sword of Rapier" ver 1.02 PlayStation Mobile (05.02.2014)

- Fixed an issue where conversation message does not appear.

- Fixed a problem that does not chase correctly when I launch multiple enemies.

Update "Sword of Rapier" ver 1.01 PlayStation Mobile (03.07.2013)

- Performance improvements.

- Disabled On screen controller on Android.
 (if it is enable, please disable it and reboot a game. )

- Disabled save in boss battles.

- Fixed land collision at some maps.

- Fixed movement speed of the player on Xperia Play.

- Fixed that remained SP gauge is displayed when you return to the title screen from playing the game in Nightmare